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At Circa AD Jewels, our jewels come from the present day right through until yesteryear. 


Modern and Bespoke are new pieces, current items created today.


When it comes to Estate jewels, there are three categories:


Antique — those over 100 years old.

Vintage — between 50 and 100 years old.

Estate — from 50 years to present day.


Every piece is personally selected by Adrian who likes it to possess great workmanship, beautiful stones, a stylish and wearable design, or a combination of all three.


When it comes to Modern jewels, all of these characteristics can be brought into a piece made by Circa AD Jewels. Adrian likes to create, first and foremost, pieces that are wearable. They use quality workmanship and quality stones sourced from suppliers around the world. Value is a given — as a one-man band with low overheads and strong buying power, Circa AD Jewels does not have the expensive infrastructure to cover that comes with owning a shop.


Circa AD Jewels also supplies a range of sterling silver corporate gifts.



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