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Circa AD Jewels is a bespoke, one‑stop personal jeweller, owned and run by Adrian Dickens — a jeweller with over 40 years’ experience who is passionate about jewels. Adrian’s experiences included running three iconic Australian jewellery brands for over 20 years.

Circa AD Jewels guiding principles are trust, value, and discretion.


With a particular focus on creating or re‑creating pieces that will be worn rather than kept in a drawer unseen and unworn, Circa AD Jewels believes, as did the actor and great jewellery collector Elizabeth Taylor, “that jewellery is to be worn, where it can be treasured, loved and admired.”

At least 85% of his Modern jewels are made in Melbourne.


Circa Ad


A pile of scrap metals and old jewels to be used to create new jewellery.

Consignment & realising old jewels

As a secondhand dealer, Adrian buys and advises on the selling of your jewellery as well as the scrapping of gold, platinum and silver, as well as the melting down or realising of old coins.

Pearl and bead restringing depicted on a pearl necklace.